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Forever Kids Vitamin
Forever Kids Vitam

Forever Kids Vitamin is part of our everyday life.
Hanga-baby starts the day with this before mom takes her to daycare.

Today, she can eat it as is, she simply chews it up. When she was younger, we smashed the tablet between two spoons, so she can eat it as a powder.

Kids vitamin tastes like blue grapes and my baby girl likes for sure, I can see it on her cute little face ?

Forever kids vitamin contains 20 kinds of dried fruits and vegetables among many other useful ingredients:

acai, acerola, blueberry, apple, broccoli, beetroot, strawberry, goji, onion, cabbage, mangosteen, tomato, red pepper, pomegranate, carrot, spinach, grape, pumpkin, wild cabbage, cranberry

You can find more information on the official webshop link here:
Forever Kids Vitamin


Our team within Forever is called the #EagleSpiritTeam.
We do not only represent the FIT line, many moms with small children are also part of the team. Over the years, a lot of experience and knowledge has been gathered about fresh mums, kids, and little babies.

Feel free to ask any question, whether it’s about vitamin Kids or other Forever products, we’ll definitely find an answer. That’s the strength of the team!

Regina Szabo