How do I soothe my teething baby?

When Hanga’s first little teeth started to come out, it was a nightmare.

I bet you know what I’m talking about, otherwise you wouldn’t read this.
Fortunately, many of my friends recommended Forever’s toothpaste to soothe the little one’s pain.
It’s fluoride-free, it’s perfectly safe for kids.
It contains bee propolis and aloe vera. Both of these natural ingredients help with the soothing.

For me, it worked like a charm.

I put a small amount to my baby’s gum and magic happened. She liked the taste and in a few minutes, she stopped crying. She was exhausted, so was I, but now she finally went to sleep. So did I.

I want all the moms out there to know about this magic toothpaste!

You must at least try it. It worked for me and worked for many of my friends.
Let the power of aloe help you, and when it does, share the word! Share this post!

You can buy this from your local Forever “dealer”, or you can order it online from the official webshop:
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