In 2020, 621 of us started the year with Forever FIT programs!

What are these programs?

Most importantly: none of these is just a simple diet. Forever FIT programs are much more, they are lifestyle programs.

Fasting usually doesn’t help. Is the yo-yo effect familiar to you? You lose some weight but you gain everything back in a few weeks? These programs are different. Changing your lifestyle should last forever.

These programs can help you to start your fit journey.

Let’s check these programs briefly:

Forever C9

A nine-day lifestyle program, our number one, most popular program. This should be the first step on your journey. You can find a detailed description on this page: Forever C9 Guide

Forever C9 Program - Christmas Box

Forever F15

F15 is the next step after the C9 program. This box has the same products, but for 15 days. It’s more about a fit lifestyle, a bit more workout with training plans and detailed instructions in the booklet. The goal of the 15 days is to integrate the new fit habits into your life and make the changes and the results last.

forever F15

Forever Vital5

Five excellent nutritional supplements packed for 30 days for everyday vitality.
You can find a detailed description on this page: Forever Vital5

Breastfeeding moms usually join our campaign with the Vital5 package. For them, we recommend this package with Aloe Berry Nectar, which also contains red berries for women’s health.

Forever Vital5

Join us in 2021, shake yourself up!


How can you join us?

Simple! Buy C9, F15, or Vital5 packages on the webshop links below and contact me!
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That’s it, you’ll be part of the group!

I brought you a five-minute video of our #ShakeYourselfUp2021 campaign:

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