Confidence as a Christmas gift? – Forever C9 Program!

For Christmas this year, surprise your partner – or yourself – with a truly valuable gift: confidence

Forever C9 Program - Christmas Box

This year was different. It was hard to do a regular workout as gyms were closed. Also, we visited public places less often so no wonder, we were less worried about being in shape. All right, now we’re at home, but spring is coming. Summer is also closer thank you think. You want to start working on that beach body as soon as possible. ?

At the end of the home-office era, the zoom interview camera won’t hide you anymore. And anyway you just feel better in that little costume when fits. ??

Start the year with me, let’s start with a C9 program!


The C9 program is a nine-day lifestyle program. In nine days, it will help you with a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle. And yes, nine days is enough to experience some spectacular results.

Best of all: there’s no yo-yo!
As I said, it’s not a diet where you fast for nine days, and then on the tenth day, you want to eat a stuffed horse or something. It’s a lifestyle program!

New, healthier habits are formed, which are not difficult to keep at all. Piece by piece, they are integrated into your everyday life.

No fasting!

The C9 box is full of vitamins, aloe gel, and other nutrients your body needs. You won’t starve. You won’t get weak.
I know people doing a C9 program just before a half-marathon.

I’ve had over 200 satisfied C9 customers so far, and that’s just me. In our team, we’re over thousands altogether. This is also shown by our Secret Facebook group C9, which has more than 22,000 members.

What do you get with the C9 package?

First of all, I’m going to be your mentor.

This means that after a consultation, I will personalize the program for you. We will check how we can integrate it into your everyday life. You’ll get a small booklet with general recommendations for the program, but it’s much better to adjust the program for your needs.

You become a member of our closed Facebook group

As above, our Facebook group has over 22,000 members. Tons of motivating experiences, workout videos, recipes, and more. We have Hungarian, English, German, and Romanian groups.

You can do the program with us in January!

It’s really good to see all these people doing this together as a huge fit-team. Last year in January 621 of us did it!


But what exactly is this program?

I have a detailed description of this here on my site: Forever C9 Guide
Read through it, contact me and ask me anything.

Regina Szabó C9 FIT Mentor - Forever C9 Program - Facebook Contact

Your Forever FIT mentor:

Regina Szabo

All right, how do I buy it?

Your Forever C9 package is available with 3 types of Aloe Gels and 2 flavors of protein powders.
My favorite combination is Natural Aloe Gel with vanilla protein powder, but of course, the decision is yours.
If you have any questions about this, just let me know.

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