Forever C9 FAQ

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What meals can I eat from the 3rd day of the Forever C9 program?

Mostly lean meat or fish, eggs and many vegetables. These can be fresh, steamed or fried frozen vegetables or some kind of salad.
Very little brown rice can fit in, but with lots of vegetables.
Dairy products should be skipped during the program.
Coffee is not recommended, at least in the first 2 days.
There are lots of recipes in our Clean 9 VIP facebook group – ask me about the membership!

What does it mean that you’ll be my mentor?

If you have decided to start your C9 program and buy your C9 pack through my link (official source), I will guide you through the 9 days. You can ask me any questions and recommendations! 🙂 I will send you very yummy shake recipes too! You can be a member of our closed VIP facebook group with thousands of members and lots of experiences.

Can you do the Forever C9 when pregnant or breastfeeding?

In these cases C9 program is not recommended, we recommend the Vital 5 pack instead with additional Forever Lite Ultra protein shake. With 2 protein shake packs, the Vital5 is enough for about 30 days.

  • The aloe gel refills nutrients, protein helps the milk production
  • The probiotic, along with the gel, make the immune system of mother and baby stronger
  • The multivitamin covers the vitamin requirements
  • Omega 3 is good for brain function
  • And you’ll get more energy from Argy

In the meantime, thanks to the protein shake instead of a meal, you’ll be losing weight, your digestion will be better due to gel and probiotics, this can also help with constipation.
For these 30 days, you will have all the necessary nutrients that will help your transformation.

The Forever C9 booklet says I have to work out in the morning. What if I then can’t do that?

The program says recommendation. The ideal case is if you do some kind of physical exercise in the morning, but not everyone can do that. The essence of the program is to help you change your lifestyle, so you can do your workouts any time, just do them. The point is to make them a habit. Doing this forcefully for a couple of days is not good.  You want this to work in the long run.

Can people with diabetes do the Forever C9 program?

Yes, we have a lot of good experiences in our group from people with diabetes. The change in lifestyle can also bring great results in the long run. In this case it is better to pay attention to the blood sugar level, measure more frequently. The Clean 9 program can be done without modification.

Do I have to starve for 9 days?

There is no starving at all! Due to the dietary supplements included in the package, a lot of nutrients are added to your body, you’re not starving. In addition, you might think that a 600-800 kcal menu is not much, but you will be surprised! It’s absolutely possible to eat diversely and well in these 9 days. Instead of eating snacks try to add some fruits to the protein shakes.

How much weight can I lose during Forever C9?

C9 is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle program.
I wouldn’t say specific numbers, everybody is different.
The 9 days lead to conscious, healthy eating, regular physical exercises, and refills the body with nutrients. You will feel more energy, you will be on the right track to a healthy lifestyle and you will develop a system that works for you in the long run. Naturally, this means getting rid of a few pounds and inches.

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