Forever C9 – the couple edition – day seven

This happened to be an active day. It was nice running together in the park this morning. I like it when we spend the day together. Those weekends always charge me up. I finally had some time to tidy the apartment and some time for planning.

Our clothes are looser day by day, funny, but feels good. That’s when we have to hold ourselves back and don’t buy new stuff, our body can still change.

The best thing about paying attention to what we eat is that my bad mood is away, my stomach doesn’t hurt, doesn’t distend. It’s also important that I’m not apathetic anymore. I know it’s because of what I eat, but also moving plays a role here.

Since usually there not enough time after work for a long walk in the autumn, we took our chance and before dinner, we walked from home up to the Citadella on Gellért Hill and back. It was such beautiful weather, walking felt really good, also I almost forgot how spectacular the view is. In clear weather like this, you can see really far from there. I got tired on the way home.

We were also a bit hungry, so I just made a quick dinner. That’s why we keep delicious Serrano ham in the fridge 🙂

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program - 7.nap

Today with Zoli’s words (little short-spoken…)
“Running together in the morning in the park nearby, 2-3 hours of motorbike repair, before dinner a “quick” walk to the Gellért Hill. This was an active day, a bit more than usual apples were eaten :)”

We are prepared for the next week! 🙂