Forever C9 – the couple edition – day four

This day was smooth. It’s weird that it’s the 4th day already. So that we had dinner last night I don’t feel I’m missing something. The measurement numbers from yesterday are promising but I know there might be some fluctuation. I can’t wait for the 6th day to come so that we measure again. It’s hard not to begin every day with that.

I prepared breakfast and lunch in the morning. Always different fruit, different vegetable milk and we also change between vanilla or chocolate protein shake. I took a sip from mine before the photo was taken 🙂 I just realized that the picture is a bit blurry, oops.

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program - 4. nap Forever Lite Ultra shake

This afternoon a group of us went out together to get lunch, better say the others had lunch and I just had lunch with my eyes. Great talking in the meantime, it would have been a mistake to miss this just because I didn’t want to eat.

I miscalculated a bit about the weather for today, but the fitness class warmed me up. I already prepared the chicken breast, we also already had vegetables at home, I just had to fry them and we could start eating. Yesterday was a bit harder, it was our first dinner, but it was ready a bit late and we really wanted to open the oven 🙂

I was a bit envious of Zoli, he had time for a little bit of running and for sauna before work. I guess that’s how a good day starts! 🙂 So let’s see after such a beginning how was his day:

“Before the breakfast shake a little bit of running and sauna, two apples as usual after lunch. In the evening I tried one of my favorite old shirts on. Almost fit. I could button it up, but I wouldn’t wear it in public 🙂
For dinner, Regi made gyros chicken breast with tzatziki in whole grain tortilla with tomatoes and salad. It was delicious. It’s surprising how good foods you can eat during Clean 9.
Unfortunately, there was no photo taken, but we discussed there should be a recipe section too here on this blog.”