Clean 9, the couple edition – day one

We’re almost over the first day! Everything is working well! Even public transport is working on my FIT lifestyle. One of the metro station escalators will be out of order for weeks.

My first day was better this time than before. I think I’m more on it mentally, I’m doing it more consciously, I know much better what my goal is.

Let’s see how was Zoli’s first day:

“So right at the beginning it turned out the aloe tastes bad. There is nothing to prettify on that. I drank it anyway and went to the gym.
I didn’t expect much difference, since this Monday is exactly the same as the others, I did eat yesterday but didn’t eat before the workout. And there was no different indeed.
Strangely during the day, I didn’t feel hungry. The shake for lunch felt good, especially after aloe. Aloe is still yuck.
I was just working as usual and the day passed and strangely I was still not hungry when I headed home. What I felt though that I need some sugar, but I got over it.
In the evening I felt that I wanted to chew something, so I grabbed two tomatoes alongside the prescribed dinner.
That’s all for the first day. It was surprisingly easy.”

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program selfie

We are excited about the next day! 🙂