Forever C9 Results – Day 40 – Long Term Results + UPDATE 2020: 100 days!

It’s been a month since I did the Forever C9

…so I thought I’d write about the long-term C9 results a little bit.
Let’s start with the numbers right away. I’m still under 80kg (176lbs).

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That’s right, it’s not coming back, no yo-yo

What changed:
I pay more attention to what I eat and I move regularly.

A little more details:

I realized, for example, that
– I don’t need bread at all
– For breakfast you don’t have to choose pastries, there are much better options
– For lunch, the side dish can be vegetables or bulgur
– Coffee is delicious without sugar
– For snacks, I can choose from a lot of fruits, especially in autumn.

Consistency is the key. Stick to the new habits!

I might not be able to workout every morning, but in that case I do it during the day or in the evening. No cheating!

From the “ingredients” of the C9 program, I still use these after the program:

  • I still drink the Aloe Gel in the morning, but I switched the flavor from natural to peach because of the taste.
  • After workouts, I usually drink a protein smoothie based on Forever Lite Ultra protein powder – I think the chocolate flavored is the better.

That’s it!
The C9 is not magic, it is “just” a lifestyle change

UPDATE 2020 #1!
Long-term Forever FIT C9+F15+Vital5 results:

More and more people are looking at this blog post, so I thought it would be worth writing about my more up-to-date C9 experiences. I did a Hungarian Facebook post about it in the spring, I’m bringing to you here:

“It’s a wonderful coincidence!

I swear I haven’t planned this on purpose, but today is the 100th day that with Regi we started the C9 + F15 + Vital5 combo and today is the last day of my #daily100 challenge 🏁

This is the “usual” morning sweatpants picture 💪😎🤳
The one on the left – the fattie one is exactly 100 days old.
The other in the middle was taken on the last day of the lifestyle change programs, day 54, and the last one is from this morning.

Forever C9+F15+Vital5 long-term, lasting results

The beauty of this again: there’s no yo-yo.
The scale told me these numbers: 81.7 – 74.7 – 73.8

After the C9 + F15 + Vital5 combo ended (54 days), I continued my everyday life with more nutritional supplements, of course, but with a much less strict diet.
There are cookies, there are snacks, and sometimes I miss a workout. And this is all right. You don’t have to be crazy about this, just keep some attention.

And that’s where COVID kicked in and the #stayhome era started…
Luckily, my favorite gym launched a home-training program, I’m on it now.

By the way, we have a Facebook group with 2️0️0️0️0️ C9 people in it.
We’re doing live training sessions hosted by a professional coach of the team every day. Either way, if you want to move during the lockdown, you can do it.

I’m also trying to pay attention to what I eat, what we’re cooking. Of course, it’s a little more challenging right now, there’s no “let me just grab something from the shop”, some planning is needed. The good news is, it seems to be working work. Every 5-6 days we do a larger shopping, lots of vegetables, meat that won’t expire in about a week …and some chocolate. 😁

With the #daily100 pushup challenge I can experience large gains. I can easily make it in about 5-10 minutes, with 1-2 minute breaks in 40+30+20+10 or so. Once I managed to do 60+40! Okay, it was hard and I stopped for a few seconds in that cat-stretching yoga pose with my ass in the sky, but I did it!

💪 For me, it was a big improvement, I highly recommend this #daily100 thing
…plus home training in some kind of organized form
and of course, Forever FIT programs 😁

UPDATE 2020 – 100 days
#2 Long-term FIT combo results – part 2:

A little later, at the beginning of the summer, I posted the news on Facebook. Here it is:

Yepp, it’s not coming back!
I’ve just completed the second #daily100 challenge: 100 push-ups + 100 pull-ups for 30 days each day.

Push-ups weren’t a problem, but the pull-ups… I started with 7 or 8 reps.

After 30 days, it’s 18-20. That’s some gains😁✌️💪

The pictures of “chubby me” is from January. Around 82kg. Then I thought this spring would be different. I’m going to work until I look like Jason Statham 😎
I mean, I already have the hair!

I started with C9 and continued my regular 3 functional training workouts a week.
C9 is a good start, but F15 is what keeps you on track and hardens the new healthy habits.

Then came the Vital5 package and I’m still using almost all the things from the pack:
In the morning I drink Aloe Gel, I make a protein shake, I take the Daily vitamin, Immublend, ProB, Vitolize, Argi+.

The result? Jason Statham is still far away, but I’m on the right track😜
I’ve noticed that a healthy, properly fed body seems to tolerate cheating much better.
For example the strawberry rhubarb pie overdose of yesterday, or the juicy chocolate mousse last time, or the salt-caramel chocolate detour.
If I do it with brains, no weight comes back, in fact, the scales go down slowly, and in addition, push-ups or pull-ups going better.” 😏

#foreverc9 #foreverf15 #forevervital5 #shakeyourselfup

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