Forever C9 Results – Day 40 – Long Term Results + UPDATE 2020: 100 days!

It’s been a month since I did the Forever C9

…so I thought I’d write about the long-term C9 results a little bit.
Let’s start with the numbers right away. I’m still under 80kg (176lbs).

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That’s right, it’s not coming back, no yo-yo

What changed:
I pay more attention to what I eat and I move regularly.

A little more details:

I realized, for example, that
– I don’t need bread at all
– For breakfast you don’t have to choose pastries, there are much better options
– For lunch, the side dish can be vegetables or bulgur
– Coffee is delicious without sugar
– For snacks, I can choose from a lot of fruits, especially in autumn.

Consistency is the key. Stick to the new habits!

I might not be able to workout every morning, but in that case I do it during the day or in the evening. No cheating!

From the “ingredients” of the C9 program, I still use these after the program:

I still drink the Aloe Gel in the morning, but I switched the flavor from natural to peach because of the taste.
After workouts, I usually drink a protein smoothie based on Forever Lite Ultra protein powder – I think the chocolate flavored is the better.

That’s it!
The C9 is not magic, it is “just” a lifestyle change

Update 2020 – Long term results after 100 days!
New post here: Forever C9 + F15 + Vital5 combo – long term results

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