Forever C9 program – the couple edition – day eight

We are close to the finish, tomorrow is our last day. Today I surprised ourselves with a delicious shake. I made an apple-vanilla-almond smoothie with cinnamon, and I really liked it, I can recommend it. I also figured out something for tomorrow, I can’t wait! 🙂

After the walk yesterday I felt my legs a bit tired, but during the day this feeling disappeared. I also drank a lot of water today, so going to the bathroom added some miles to today’s walking distance.

I had a brutal fitness class, all my planking muscles are hurting now, how will I feel tomorrow… I took a selfie in the changing room after the class. Zoli didn’t, so he is not present in today’s photos 😛

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program - 8.nap

He collected his thoughts about today:

“Devastating CrossFit training this morning, the 2×20 minutes hardcore stuff again, 2 movements 5-5 repeat, as many rounds as you can. The shake helped me after. I wasn’t even hungry at noon, but I took my two extra apples. Dinner was served a bit late today because of work, but I didn’t feel I would starve.”

9th day coming tomorrow, measurement again! I’m curious about the numbers. I think we will also check it on the 10th day in the morning, those will be the final results. What comes after, we will see. We probably won’t celebrate at McDonald’s or Burger King, we usually don’t eat there anyway. I’m sure I will pay attention to what we eat because even if you insist to eat only healthy food, you can still have delicious and diverse meals. Also, I can’t imagine I would ever quit regular workouts.