Forever C9 – Clean 9, the couple edition – day 9/9

Yippeeee, 9th day, we did it!!!!! 🙂

It’s a really nice feeling that we kept going, but to be honest, this wasn’t even that hard! It was good for our body, our health, and on my side for my self-confidence too for sure.

We took some photos, which hopefully show the results. We tried to reproduce the same settings, this is how it looks like:

Our faces are definitely skinnier, and you can see the abs a bit more.

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program before - after - páros szemből
We forgot the flash on the before picture, but still, I can definitely see the difference on my waist.

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program before - after Regi szemből - páros

Although I was over a Clean 9 before and I continued the FIT lifestyle, I can see there was/is plenty of space for improvement, but abs are getting good. And my lunchlady-arm is disappearing too. 🙂 It seems I can work on my back… Zoli says, my back is better than the picture shows! 🙂

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program before - after Regi - páros

You can see the difference on Zoli’s waist too, and his face is also skinnier.

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program before - after Zoli szemből - páros

Look at his stomach!

Forever C9 - Clean 9 program before - after Zoli - páros
Well, post has a bit more picture than usual, but we wanted to show the results of the 9 days as accurately as possible. And we also had fun during the photo shooting. 🙂

We had a celebration-shake today, chocolate-orange-ginger. It was pretty good, we keep this one, but next time I will use a bit more ginger.

Let’s see how Zoli spent his last day of Clean 9:

“The workout for today consisted of about an hour of motorbike repair, some bicycle tire inflating, and a walk to the shop. In the office, someone brought two baskets of fresh pastry 🙂 This was the second biggest temptation beside the breadsticks during the 9 days, but I resisted. There is no way some pretty pastry thing could seduce me on the 9th day. The afternoon went on fast, I focused on work, I ate my two apples. Dinner came a little late, but at least we had time to equip the “studio” for the photo shooting. Looking at the pictures, you can see the before-after change the best on our faces. Okay, stomachs are smaller too :)”

We come with the numbers tomorrow so that we can see the results of all 9 days.