Forever Clean 9, the couple edition – day two

The second day was absolutely good! In the morning I prepared our portions for today. I decided we deserve a chocolate-raspberry shake, and it was good indeed! 🙂 I mixed it with delicious almond milk. During the day I was invited for a tasty coffee, but I was a hero and I managed to reschedule it. By the way, I wasn’t hungry all day!

Yesterday both of us had our workout/fitness classes, this evening after drinking the aloe juice we went on a short hiking tour to the hills nearby. After that, we completed our fitness sessions with some kettlebell and abs training at home.

Forever C9, Clean 9 program második nap

This was a good day! We are doing really well, and from tomorrow, it’s a piece of cake – not literally – I’m excited about how alive we will be from the extra energy we get! When I told Zoli that from tomorrow there will be two shakes on the menu, he asked whether it will be too much 🙂

But let’s see how he felt today:

“Honestly, this day wasn’t harder than the first one. The taste of aloe became bearable, but I’m probably never going to like it. But if you think about it, nobody likes the taste of beer as a kid, yet when we grow up, most of us begin to like it somehow 🙂 But that’s far from now with aloe.
After lunch, I felt that I need something, but that’s what “allowed” fruits and vegetables are for, so I grabbed an apple and later another one in the afternoon.
Let’s go home, dinner, short hiking, then some kettlebell at home. Plus two tomatoes.
They say the second day of C9 is the hardest. Hope it’s true!