Forever C9 – the couple edition

The C9 I carried through in June was so effective that my partner, Zoli decided that he also wants to do it. Not only the physical changes did he notice, but my better mood, more energy, and less whining 🙂 We decided to do it together this autumn because by then I will want to do it again anyway. Some days ago he pointed out that September is in fact autumn! 🙂 So we took the calendar and figured out how the timing of the 9 days would be the best. We begin tomorrow !!!!! Luckily we photographed the before state this time, I forgot to do this last time.

Forever C9 - Before Clean 9 program

Before Clean 9

I think I’m more excited than I was when I did this the first time! The best thing is doing this together, for each other, motivating the other one. And won’t happen that your partner is eating knuckle with steak fries when you’re barely over your second day….. It will be interesting to see the effects on your partner, everyone’s body can react differently to such things. After my first Clean 9, I continued to live the FIT lifestyle, with quite good results, but still, I think there is plenty of stuff to get rid of. Not to mention how good the tons of energy feel that I get from this program.

So the starting numbers:

Regi Zoli
chest 99 cm
(39 in)
103 cm
(41 in)
arms 29 cm
(11 in)
37 cm
(15 in)
waist 91 cm
(36 in)
102 cm
(40 in)
hips 98 cm
(39 in)
104 cm
(41 in)
thigh 56 cm
(22 in)
66 cm
(26 in)
calf 35 cm
(14 in)
38 cm
(15 in)
weight 65 kg
(143 lbs)
85.5 kg
(188 lbs)

So the program starts tomorrow, let’s do it!

Forever C9 - clean 9, just do it!