Forever Vital5 – My baby deserves a healthy, fit mom

It’s been about a year since I did my last Forever C9 program.
We were planning a baby and I was consciously preparing for it. My goal was to have a healthy, fit body when the baby comes.
I’ve been running for a long time and I also continued jogging during the pregnancy but of course, I was paying attention to myself. The baby was on its way, for the first try ☺️?

During pregnancy, I took Forever’s dietary supplements exclusively. I would also like to highlight the Vital5 package. I’d recommend this for all the new moms so they can have an energetic nine months. Additionally, I also used Forever protein powder (Forever Lite Ultra) because I continued to run – after consulting my doctor of course.
I was jogging even two days before giving birth. ? ♀️☺️

Forever Vital 5 – during pregnancy, and after giving birth

Vital 5 is still with me during breastfeeding.
Many people ask if we recommend the very popular Forever C9 program during breastfeeding. We don’t.
The only reason is that it has the Therm capsule in it which contains caffeine ?

Vital 5 gives your body everything it needs and it’s also good for your baby.
You can replace a meal with the protein shake that helps you with producing breast milk.
This pack helps you get fit, you can regain your figure slowly and gently.

After giving birth, the first 6 weeks is about regeneration.
The baby was born a month ago, and I haven’t done any exercise since. Now started running very slowly after consulting with my doctor. My body is recovering nicely, I’m only 1.5 kg away from my before-pregnancy body-weight.

My baby deserves a healthy fit mom, a balanced and happy mom.??

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